westcoastimagery.com: About Us

We began traveling about thirty years ago. These adventures seemed like a great opportunity to take pictures. Bad pictures. Pictures out of focus. Pictures poorly composed. Lots of money processing them just to be thrown out before anyone else saw them and made fun of us. With several workshops and the availability of affordable (cough) DSLR cameras the pictures began to improve - some. We are still on that curve.

We have come to a sort of partnership. Linda lets me carry all the equipment to the spot where she believes a great image is waiting. I set up the equipment, she points me in the right direction and on her command I press the shutter button. Once home Linda edits the images, I get to take out the dust spots and color correct in Lightroom and off to the print lab they go.

This arrangement seems to work well.

It would be nice to think that our images will continue to improve but that really doesn’t matter. The fulfillment is in the journey.